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Krav Maga instructors course – 12 days

Acceptance requirements:
good health, medical authorizations, knowledge of recognized martial arts (at least at the level of brown belt – exceptions will be evaluated when necessary), good physical condition, Israeli visa.

Intended for:
those training in hand to hand combat and the martial arts who wish to deepen their knowledge and gain instructional tools to teach Krav Maga combat.
Members of the security forces who wish to teach Krav Maga in their units.

Course contents:

  • Hand and foot blows
  • Defensive measures
  • Self-defense when attacked with a knife
  • Self-defense when attacked with a club or blunt object
  • Self-defense when attacked with a hand gun
  • Escape from a hold or choking grip
  • Use of a fire arm as a passive (cold) weapon
  • Ground work
  • Fights
  • Operational shooting on a firing range combined with hand to hand combat
  • Aggressiveness and determination drills
  • The work of an armed/unarmed security officer
  • Lectures
  • First Aid lessons
  • Anatomy and physiology lessons
  • "Good Teaching" workshop
  • Students will give simulated lessons
  • Final exercises

Xpert provides all that is necessary for the course including food and accommodation as well as all the elements included in the training program apart from the personal expenses of the trainees. Course price does not include air travel to and from Israel


Upcoming Courses

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  • Krav Maga instructors: February 12-24, May 13-25
  • Basic VIP Protection: March 11-22, June 3-15
  • Basic security officer course Protection: March 25-30, June 17-22

Contact Details

The Xpert security team will be happy to answer any questions you might have.


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