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Special Services

Xpert provides security consultation services for security organizations, the military, police forces, governmental organizations, companies and operators as well as private individuals and also organization operating in the field of the martial arts around the globe.

Xpert's highly trained and experienced experts use their many years of operational experience to provide you with the counseling and guidance you need at the very highest level and standards.

The consultation process is individual and designed to fit the unique profile of each and every client, to meet their unique needs and demands and the potential threats they face.  Our consultants take into account poor security or training issues, build a complete and comprehensive work program and constantly and closely monitor progress and success.

Xpert's professionals work closely with each client in a process that finally, through cooperation with and implementation by the client, brings the organization to a higher professional level, with greater security and expertise in its areas of responsibility and operations.

Top level and prestigious security
Xpert provides top level security and protection services for private organizations.

Xxpert's security and protection services are focused & localized, discrete, personal and highly professional.  Expert isn't a huge security company employing thousands of people but rather a security school that employs a small but exclusive unit comprised of the very best security and protection personnel in the world who take on specialized and highly focused missions.  We provide both open and hidden security and protection for business organizations with special security needs.  Our open security methods are elite in their nature, designed specifically for each assignment and each individual.  Express's subvert security department is a restricted unit with very special capabilities especially suited to those needing this type of protection.

Xpert employs personnel protection agents of the highest possible caliber, all veterans of some of the IDF's most elite units and former security agents for Israel's General Security Services.  All have a rich and varied operational background and are highly experienced and motivated.  All agents undergo special and constant training at our unique training facility in order to maintain their skills at the highest possible state of readiness.  All are dedicated to provided the very best possible services to our clients, speak English and other languages, are smart and presentable.  They are very, very discrete and amongst the best fighters in the world!


Upcoming Courses

  • Basic Krav Maga: February 5-10, April 15-20
  • Krav Maga instructors: February 12-24, May 13-25
  • Basic VIP Protection: March 11-22, June 3-15
  • Basic security officer course Protection: March 25-30, June 17-22

Contact Details

The Xpert security team will be happy to answer any questions you might have.


  • Tel: 972-77-4208200
  • Fax: 972-77-4208201
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  • Address: Aharon Bakar 15, Tel Aviv