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Swat team and Urban Warfare

Building a unit at the level of the individual security officer, the team, protocols and procedures, combat drills and equipping of the unit with specialized equipment.

Course curriculum

  • Developing individual skills at the level of the single security officer in his use of weapons and tactical decision making abilities whilst under pressure and in conditions of uncertainty.
  • Learning the use of a wide range of weapons – short and long weapons, shotguns, snipers rifle etc.
  • Developing aggression with analytical abilities and selective operation in civilian areas.
  • Learning Israeli hand to hand combat techniques
  • Study and drill in combat at the team level using Israeli methods for urban warfare (CQB) in various combat environments such as: public buildings, aircraft, trains, vehicle interception and more.
  • Tactical lectures and analysis of past incidents
  • Use of specialized equipment  during team work in a civilian environment
  • Various simulations for different, extreme situation followed by an analysis of the simulations both at the individual and team level, from the technical and the tactical viewpoint.



Upcoming Courses

  • Basic Krav Maga: February 5-10, April 15-20
  • Krav Maga instructors: February 12-24, May 13-25
  • Basic VIP Protection: March 11-22, June 3-15
  • Basic security officer course Protection: March 25-30, June 17-22

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