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Development and training of specialized security units for personal protection

The aim is to train a team of security officers for a specialized function by adapting the training to fit the client's operational theatre.

The function of the team will be to ensure the security of the individual and the family from all hostile action that seeks to kill, to harm the subject, luggage and possessions.

The development of the team will be based on an analysis of the threat element existing within the subject's area of operations.  The definition of a security solution by developing an operational conception for the team by defining working protocols for both normality and emergencies.

Course curriculum

  • Developing individual skills at the level of the single security officer in his use of weapons and tactical decision making abilities whilst under pressure and in conditions of uncertainty.
  • Learning the use of a wide range of weapons – short and long weapons, shotguns etc.
  • Developing aggression with analytical abilities and selective operation in civilian areas.
  • Learning Israeli hand to hand combat techniques

Learning work protocols for different environments:

  • Security whilst on foot at the individual security officer and team level
  • Security whilst on the move with the subject whist analyzing threat elements and executing diversionary measures, breaking routine, concealment and others.
  • Learning security protocol for permanent locations such as the home and the office – how to deal with visitors, mail, scanning and searching for sabotage etc.
  • Analysis and learning security techniques and procedures for public events
  • Security procedures for locations at which events are or have been held such as hotels, restaurants etc.

- How to analyze a personal schedule and plan security perimeters
- Ethics, morals and secrecy in the work of the security officer
- Emergency first aid procedures
- Video analysis of  attack incidents from around the world
- Operation of specialized equipment in an emergency (communications systems, electronic warfare, armored protection blanket, closed circuit TV, metal detectors, odor detectors etc.)
- How to scan and search an area systematically and methodically for sabotage attempts with the area occupied by the subject.


Upcoming Courses

  • Basic Krav Maga: February 5-10, April 15-20
  • Krav Maga instructors: February 12-24, May 13-25
  • Basic VIP Protection: March 11-22, June 3-15
  • Basic security officer course Protection: March 25-30, June 17-22

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